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To the 5 00 000
who rule the road.

I know. You know.

That guy sitting next to you
reading over your shoulder knows.
The co-workers who smirk at you
but secretly want to be you know.

That uncle who thinks you're a
‘young generation troublemaker’ knows.
Your next-door neighbour
who hates your fearless guts knows.

The frenemy who gives you the stink eye
because we all know he's jealous of you knows.
Everyone passing you on the road knows.
And your fireball brothers wholeheartedly know.

Once a badass, always one.
-Yours truly, Seltos.

Kia Seltos celebrates the badass in each
of the 5 00 000 who are an inspiration.

The Legend Of Badass Anthem

Celebrating the positive spirit
and love for Seltos.

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