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New Seltos

The Badass. Reborn.

Special introductory Price starts

10 89 900#

Kia Seltos - Inspired By The Badass In You

#T&C Apply. Ex-showroom price all India


Level up with the Badass.

Dominant, confident, and exhilarating. With a strong, chiseled look and a formidable stance, the new Kia Seltos showcases its Badass traits. Featuring highly powerful and fuel-efficient engine options, along with 32 safety features including 17 autonomous ADAS Level 2 features, the reinvented Seltos has everything it takes to be a Badass on the road.

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Badass 2.0 meets future of Manual Transmission

Switch to the tech that inspires with the new Seltos. The Badass comes equipped with the convenient, fun, and exciting iMT technology that offers you hassle-free drive every time you hit the road.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the price of the new Seltos?

Kia Seltos starts at a special introductory price of ₹10,89,900 (Ex-showroom price all India)

What are the seating options available in the new Seltos?

The new Seltos offers a seating capacity of 5.

How many airbags are there in the new Seltos?

The new Seltos offers 6 airbags as standard to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

What type of sunroof comes with the new Seltos?

The new Seltos comes with a Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof to enjoy the wide sky.

What are the transmission options available in the new Seltos?

The new Seltos is available in both manual and automatic transmissions, namely 6MT / IVT 6iMT / 7DCT 6iMT / 6AT.